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Sacre du Printemps

Sacre du Printemps

We remain faithful to both, the originality and the musical archi­tecture wanted by Stravinsky.

In a primitive environment, which seems dominated by obscure natural forces, the protagonists of a ritual are waiting the signal of an ecstatic shaman.

Progressively, couples are as entering into altered states of consciousness and ecstasy, rivalry are forming, eventually engaging into fights.   Tremor surging from the deepest core of the earth seems to suddenly take over the heroine's body shaken violently into spasms and a deadly frantic dance. Once the ritual completed, the resurrection of the Spring's creative power can be achieved.    

Intention artistique

Two walls of transparent resin are facing each other with the entire structure rotating on its base.

Dancers are going through the hallway, a space leading to vertical movements and bouncing dances.

Each side of the wall separates the boys and the girls' corridor Once the signal is given, the resurrection of dormant forces hidden deep in the earth can start.

The choreographic vocabulary is a research on the movement, its meaning and interpretation, leading to emotion and aestheticism An organic and erotic dance that creates our own tribal ritual.  

Most of our creations are conceived from the outset with the integration of digital images

The delicate alchemy of dance, lights and video gives our audience a truly unique and exhilarating experience.