Commun Instant

Moment 2 Fusion

This performance is a show conceived and directed by the pupils of CM1 classes of Béatrice Faux and CM2 of François Bessière this performance is performed by the dancers Zuzana Aviotte and Ismaël Bouadar of the Cie Commun-Instant.

This educational program aims to solicit the imagination of children, to awaken their critical sense, to make them discover the artistic professions as well as the technical trades of the live show, to develop the common sense by the work in group.

The argument thought by the students:

Ismael and Zuzana are completely opposed. They could never meet. It's a coincidence, they do not have the same tastes, and are different style: Ishmael is rather cool with his wide pants and Zuzana rather chic ... but they are closer.

The artistic intentions thought by the children:

They are from two different worlds. We do not know each other, but we can talk to each other.
In this show links are woven, everything is in the gestures, feelings. They tame each other.

Project supported by the Municipality of Saze