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Histoire de Vie

A story like the Shamans:

We parallel the emergence of life on earth and human life on the assumption that earthly life is appeared in the aquatic element. In this perspective we find significant similarities: the intrauterine life is water, birth control against gravity, the first trips are similar to creep, and verticality in children is similar to passing tree children are more easily before a vertical obstacle.

Press coverage:

I saw the original dance world, 1 choreographer, 5 dancers, a man and his percussion orchestra.

I was invited to a sneak preview of the contemporary dances like the shamans, body agree, duo or solo. I'm sitting on the floor a camera in hand but I'm so captivated that I forget to press the shutter.

I traveled, lively music and the dancers' movements have me caught up, I wanted to accompany them but no, my place is on the side of the bleachers, to listen, to watch and what luck, especially do not miss .

Must go, otherwise you will miss a show, a ballet, a story they will tell you slipping, breaking down, speeding up, balancing on land or in the air that will move you.

You can go with your family, this show is for young audiences, makeup, costume, staging and choreography, everything to appeal to younger people.

— Bénédicte Longechal