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De la Boca au Bronx

Where Tango and Hip-Hop cultures meet.

Both dances share their common popular origins within the immigration. At the turn of the 19th century the Tango appears in Buenos Aires’ suburbs, when the vibrant city is entertaining a growing wave of immigrants coming from Europe, Africa and the Maghreb.

New York Bronx is the true birthplace of Hip-Hop Populations coming from South America (Mexico) and the Caribbean (Porto Rico, Jamaica) are adding to the growing the number of people living in the ghettos.

Mexico is Central America maybe say Latin America? Also I would say ghettos because there were many in the Bronx.

These two cultures are telling the story of the men writing it. Each Tango tells the story of an impossible or tragic passion. The same sentiment can be found in Hip Hop, truly reflecting the immigrants’ living conditions.

The underlying climate of violence of both dances is appearing in postures conditioning the leg work and the figures.

Intention artistique

Inviting new challenges in choreographic disciplines to make them evlove Gathering creative and positive energies. 

This experimental laboratory is giving life to a surprising show delivered with great virtuosity.